The thought of your playful and friendly bulldog waiting for you at home is one endearing pet to go home to. The sight of your lovely but chewed furniture, however, is not what you want to see when you get home. Find ways on how to teach your dog that there’s more to life than just chewing your furniture.

photo courtesy of Dr. Julie & William Wickel

photo courtesy of Dr. Julie & William Wickel

Ways to stop your dog chewing your furniture:

1. Determine the root of your dog’s habit of chewing on furniture. The reasons may be from teething, curiosity, boredom or a behavioral disorder. Your veterinarian or behavioral specialist will be glad to assist and discuss these options with you.

2. Provide a teething ring or a frozen washcloth for your dog to chew.

3. Keep your dog close and monitor it closely. Use a baby gate to keep him in the same room as you. You can also crate train your puppy and put him in the crate with toys for short periods in times you can supervise it.

4. Divert your puppy’s attention to something more suitable and less damaging, such as dog toy, when you catch your dog red-handedly chewing. Alternate toys of soft and hard textures available to avoid boredom.

5. Set time as a “me and my puppy” bonding moments. The much needed interaction can easily redirect your dog’s energy to worthwhile training such as learning tricks, obedience training workouts, and engaging in outdoor adventures.

6. Make it a point to raise your dog as a physically active pet. You will have fun during these times, and lose weight too! Chances are, your dog will be too tired to even think of chewing the furniture.

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  1. 1 Aubrey @ My Simple Everyday
    2010 Jul 06

    What a great post! We had problems of furniture biting w/ our first bulldog, but we learned with our two new additions and they haven’t ruined any furniture yet (shoes is a different story, though!)

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